La vie est un long fleuve tanquille

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Gorgeous spring in NYC!


In lieu of camera

So I lost my NZ-US wall adapter, so can’t charge my camera until I find another… I can make do for now with my iPhone camera, but it can only take decent photos on the brightest of days. So, for now, I’ll use the wonders of text!

I’m living with a group of 4 artists in a converted warehouse loft. Two of them have built in rooms, and they rent them out to other people for 3 months or less, so there’re always new people, of which I am the latest. The┬áneighbourhood┬áis mostly hispanic and pretty run down, but its mostly safe and I’m only a couple of blocks from the L line that takes me to Manhattan in 15 mins. Plus, its one of the few affordable places in NY.

I was only going to stay here until the end of Feb then go back to San Fran. but now I’m going to try to find a job to tide me over a few more months. I didn’t realise how huge New York was, and now I feel I could spend years here and still barely explore it. If I stay here longer I also get the benefit of warmer weather, which might make it tolerable to wander around again (I tried, and almost froze my toes)



I have to crawl to get to my room!


Lost Already

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